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Analyzer Shelters are complex equipments where “Some of the other equipments” which are housed inside these Analyzer Shelters include Gas Chromatographs (GC), BTU Analyzer, Fire and Gas Control Panel, Gas Monitoring Detector, Moisture Analyzer, Smoke Detector, Flow Alarm Register, Purge Indicators, Cable Trays and other electrical systems and the equipments in Analyzer Shelters (mainly the Gas Chromatographs) are used for separating and studying compounds that can become vapor without breaking down. Other equipments listed above are an integral part used for the monitoring of all parameters associated with Analyzer Shelters.

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Some types of component (gases) which are used with Gas Chromatographs (GC) to carry out the study of compounds that can become vapor without breaking down are noted to be Helium, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Ethane, Propane, Isobutane, Butane, iso-Pentane, n-Pentane, Hexane, Benzene and Methane and may not be limited to only these gases. Decundi Inspection Services have among our employees, Instrument & Electrical (I&E) inspectors who are highly knowledge and skilled in carrying out inspections during the factory acceptance testing of Analyzer Shelters and several of our inspectors can also provide inspection support during commissioning of these Analyzer Shelters. During the factory acceptance testing of Analyzer Shelters Decundi inspectors carry out verification by identification of the Analyzed Mole % concentration of the component (gases) where the gases as displayed by the GC connected independently from DeltaV ™ Distributed Control System (DCS) and in addition, these gases are also checked and verified using the DCS.

Other systems that are verified during F.A.T include parameters not encompassing the flow alarm register, redundancy, lighting, air conditioning, auxiliary fan, alarms, beacon and horn just to name a few. We provide highly technical inspection services during the factory acceptance testing of Analyzer Shelters and in addition, Decundi’s I&E inspectors pay attention to every detail including tagging at the end termination of electrical cables inside control panels and other areas, grounding, secure fastening of cable trays, tie-down of electrical cables in cable trays and tagging of all equipments. At the end of the F.A.T a detailed inspection report is provided to our client. Contact us for all your inspection needs.

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