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Providing Inspection and Surveillance Services for Oil and Chemical Equipment


Safety Inspection

Decundi Inspection Services LLC helps clients in the oil, gas, and chemical industry with their quality control efforts. We provide services like pressure vessel inspection.

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Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our inspection services. Our inspection services include a full and accurate report quickly delivered.

Decundi Inspection Services LLC

Decundi Inspection Services, located in Houston, Texas provides third party inspection services during the manufacture and testing of equipment for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries for processing of Crude Oil into Butane, Gasoline, Naphtha, Kerosene (Jet Fuel) Diesel Fuel and other commercial products such as Plastics and also Bitumen (residue/viscous mixture of hydrocarbons) which is used for the production of asphalt.

The type of equipment used for the processing of Crude Oil and Petrochemical Products and also equipment used at Water Treatment facilities where these equipment include but are not limited to Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels, Glass Lined Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Electropolishing on the I.D. of Stainless Steel Tubing on Heat Exchangers, Power Boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Blowout Preventers, Valves, Piping, Manifolds, PLET’s, Wellhead & Tree Assembly, Umbilical Cables, TUTA Hoses, Nitrogen Purification Skid, Breathing Air Skid, Oil Mist Eliminator, Generator, Gas Chromatograph, Switchgear, Compressors , Compressor Skid Packages, HVAC Skid Packages, API Tanks and Water Towers are supported by Decundi.

Decundi Inspection Services LLC

With more than 35 years of experience the management of Decundi understands what it takes to ensure that your equipment are manufactured and tested in accordance to Codes, Company Standards and Industry Standards for smooth running of the equipment and at optimum efficiency. To keep to this ideal, many of the inspectors Decundi employ are certified by the American Welding Society (AWS-CWI) and API (510, 650 and 653). We provide incomparable technical services and detailed inspection reports that help you assess your equipment compliance to Codes, Company Standards and Industry Standards for proper and continuous function and safety of the equipment.

Comprehensive Pressure Vessel and Utility Inspection Services

Decundi Inspection Services LLC in Houston, Texas, provides utility inspection and pressure vessel inspection services for properly evaluating industrial equipment used in oil or gas companies. We have incomparable technical services that help you assess your equipment’s compliance to industry standards for function and safety. Our inspection services cover the following equipment, functions, and components.

Contact us in Houston, Texas, for full-service equipment inspection for the oil, gas, and hydrocarbon processing industry.

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