API 5CT Casing – Installation

API 5CT Casing – Installation

One of Decundi’s recent projects was to carry out inspections during installation of a Casing Head Weldment with 13-3/8” 68# J-55 (0.480” wall) to the existing 13-3/8” 68# K-55 (0.480” wall) at a Cavern at Chevron Phillips facility at Brazoria, Texas. Also, inspection was carried out for fit up, welding, hydrogen bake out at butt-welded joints on the 10-¾” ∅ X 0.400” w.t., 44.26# K55 Casing. Following the inspection activities above, X-ray of full penetration welded joints was carried out before and after post weld heat treatment of the respective joints on the Casing. A part of the installation of Casing downhole is to include one (1) each centralizer which is placed above the butt-welded joint on each double-joined Casing and installation downhole. Additionally, inspections were also carried out for installations of the Casing Spools associated with the Casing Head Weldment at the Cavern.

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Other inspection services that are offered by Decundi Inspection Services relate to the installation of API 5CT Casing downhole into Production Well. Decundi has several inspection personnel who have carried out inspections for our clients during the installation of API 5CT Casing string, downhole in Production Well. Before installation of Casing string, downhole in Production Well, our inspection personnel carry out inspections for the heat numbers on each Casing joint and verify that the heat number matches with the heat numbers shown on the various Material Test Reports (MTRs) for the Casing. In conjunction with the review of MTRs, Decundi inspection personnel carry out wall thickness measurement of each Casing string to be installed into the Production Well for assurance that the wall thickness of the Casing is in compliance with the wall thickness shown on the MTRs. During the installation of Casing string downhole into the Production Well carried out via means of a Workover Rig equipped with an elevator for hoisting each Casing joint plus Slips for securing the Casing joint in place while the weld preparation at the end of each Casing is being prepared for welding; that Decundi inspection personnel carry out inspection for the weld preparation for verification that the bevels are in accordance with the WPS and also that the bevels are free of kerf from torch cutting and chatter and are smooth. For mitigation of possible weld defect, Decundi inspectors also carry out inspections for the removal of rust approximately 1” on the OD and ID on the end of the Casing joint to be welded. Our inspection personnel also assure that Centralizers are installed on every other Casing joint, and in addition, a Lock Collar is installed below and above each Centralizer. Visual and dimensional inspections are also carried out for the fit up of every Casing joint forming the string, downhole into Production Well and the inspection checks are for verification that the required root opening, landing and included angle are present at the end of Casing joint so that the required full penetration weld will be achieved after welding. Decundi inspection personnel also review the X-ray film for assurance that there is no relevant indication in the X-ray film. Decundi Inspection Services hope that we can offer these services for the installation of Casing string, downhole into your next Production Well.

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